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; Notes: ; Public-domain: ; V: 1; Visits: 126; Updated: 2015-05-07 04:26:27 UTC; Updated-epoch: 1587361327; Tags: Scanning-printer; Scanner: hp ; Database-sequence of book elements: title page; ; book-toc; Contents; List-of-Listings; List-of-Maps; List-of-figures; List-of-tables; List-of-Appendixes; List-of-endnotes; Bibliography; Index; ; ;, 603. Category:Academic publishing Category:Book terminology Category:Publications by format Category:Book arts Category:BibliographyThe New York Times issued a “Do Not Publish” edition Friday for a blockbuster investigation into sexual assault allegations against a powerful Hollywood producer. The Times reported Friday that men in Hollywood had for years sought to hide an alleged sex crime committed by Harvey Weinstein, a key power player in the industry, for fear of being blacklisted or losing business. “The #MeToo era has revealed scores of abuses, and revealed also the power wielded by men in Hollywood and beyond in their effort to contain, suppress and punish those who have spoken out against them,” the paper wrote. But the Times’ decision to withhold the identities of more than two dozen people — some of whom had come forward publicly — has been widely criticized as retaliation for journalists’ decision to publish the names of at least 17 individuals who have since accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct. Media outlets that were told to withhold the names of accused men included The Washington Post, The New Yorker, The Daily Beast and Variety. Weinstein’s name appeared in the Times’ “Bag” section on page one. “The decision to publish the accounts of at least 17 women was made against the advice of Times lawyers, editors and fact checkers,” the paper said. “The Times has long been considered a leader in uncovering sexual misconduct in the workplace, and we continue to take these issues very seriously.” Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., said the Times’ decision was “disgusting.” “It’s utterly reprehensible.





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Kitab Zabur Asli.pdfl

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