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Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Sometimes you just know it when a special person walks into your facility. Here is a

testimonial from an incredible athlete, but more importantly, a great young man. Josh is articulate, professional, relentless. These traits will continue to serve him well in whatever he does!

“Starting in high school, and continuing during my time playing football at the University of Louisville;I realized the passion I had for growing the body bigger, faster, and stronger. After graduating school and moving to North Carolina with my wife, I knew I needed to find a gym where I could train to become a better athlete rather than just lifting weights at a typical fitness club. Champions Sports Performance was exactly what I needed to prepare for the next level of football, or whatever athletic endeavor I encountered next.

My first day in Champions made it very clear that it was the perfect gym for me. I witnessed

firsthand how much of a passion the owner, Greg O’Conner, has for his gym and the success of his members. Their facilities, trainers, and members create an ideal atmosphere to better yourself with whatever your goals may be. Fast forward a year and a half, I decided to forgo the potential of an NFL career upon receiving the opportunity to join a Nascar pit crew. (the result of contacts made at Champions). The training that I went through at Champions during that off season allowed me to not only maintain my athletic ability, but grow my knowledge and understanding of training.”

-Josh Appleby

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