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The Cami Couch Story

As Champions comes up on its six year anniversary, I thought we would look back at a few of our “Legendary” kids and families. It is fun for me, but more than that…Highly Informative for YOU!

Parents, you are the gatekeepers for your kids lives. All opportunity comes through you. As an old financial guy, I like to think in terms of investment, and more importantly, Return on Investment. In America today, more than ever, there is pressure for our kids to play their sport of choice virtually every day of the year. This pressure is relentless, and has led to kids having only minimal time to train and become more athletic. The result of this “play too much, train too little” conundrum is that it actually drives kids out of sports sooner, because they end up not having the “body” necessary to play sports at higher levels when they get older. Parents, you can change this, and here is story about a family that took charge.

Back in June 2011, The Couch Family decided to invest in their daughter Cami. They came

in, learned about the Parisi Speed School System and Champions Mission, and got to work. For three straight months, Cami’s mom Teresa brought Cami, at the time a rising freshman at Lake Norman High School, in to train. Five days a week, 3pm…never missing a day. The result was that a tall skinny girl susceptible to injury came away with a D-1 soccer body. Cami gained muscle, learned injury prevention techniques, and of course got faster. She was an early signee at Ole Miss, and is now finishing up her career at Western Carolina.

Here is what mom has to say on the benefits of Champions Sports Performance:

Cami began going to Champions as a freshman in high school, 2011. It helped her become stronger, faster, and more knowledgeable about nutrition and injury prevention. It also gave her a working knowledge of how to properly lift weights and run. All she ever wanted to do was play soccer at the college level. Champions definitely helped prepare her to achieve that goal!

It is important to know that the Couch family actually cancelled previously scheduled camps and trips to make this happen. Hear that parents? These days we see parents relentlessly schedule time-occupying camps throughout the summer. We suggest you do the opposite, come train, and reshape your child’s athletic future.

Champions has been around for nearly six years, has trained thousands of area athletes to be faster, stronger, and more confident. Champions was named 2014 LKN Business of the Year, and 2016 Parisi Franchise of the Year. Champions has classes for all age groups daily, and trains teams, private groups, and and adults in its Training for Warriors program.

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