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What to Eat to Build Muscle and Burn Fat.

In today’s fitness world where there are so many different advertised ways for people to “get ripped quick” and develop “three week abs”, people tend to get tired of all the fitness gimmicks being pushed out there.

In the midst of all these promotions, there are some people and organizations which truly do provide valuable information concerning what to eat to gain muscle and lose fat fast.

Although it may seem straightforward to some people, there is actually a high degree of nuances when it comes to the correct way to go about developing a “lose fat gain muscle” meal plan to accompany any fitness regimen.

As even beginner fitness enthusiasts likely already know, proper nutrition is absolutely critical in terms of supplementing a fitness plan capable of producing the desired results of burning fat and building muscle quickly.

Despite many people understanding this basic premise, they can sometimes get confused when it comes to the logistical challenge of planning out meals and orchestrating precise meal timings.

Champions Sports Performance and Martin Rooney’s Warrior 20 nutritional checklist is an exceptional, safe and rapid way to build muscle while also burning fat.

Losing Fat and Building Muscle Through Healthy Eating

Champions Sports Performance and Martin Rooney’s Warrior Cardio book offers fitness and nutrition enthusiasts everywhere an outstanding compilation of the optimum foods to eat for both melting fat and building up lean muscle mass efficiently.

Many beginning fitness enthusiasts have a narrow or incomplete picture of what nutritional categories are most important for fat burning and muscle growth.

A good example of this trend is in groups of beginning weight lifters, which happen to typically be young men, who tend to fixate too heavily on protein as a foundation for muscle building nutrition.

If it gets to the point where proteins become the only dietary focus of a weight lifter or strength trainer, then there are going to be nutritional imbalances which can obstruct optimal fat burning and muscle growth.

The well rounded profile of the TFW Warrior 20 foods for avoiding inflammation and packing one’s body with essential vitamins and minerals is a perfect place to start for any active fitness enthusiasts interested in revitalizing their nutritional habits.

What to Eat for Optimum Muscle Building and Fat Burning

As part of the Warrior 20 checklist, there is a comprehensive profile of different food groups and nutrient ranges which is designed to supplement any training regimen with all of the necessary building blocks to sustain consistent muscle growth without putting on excess fat.

While some fitness buffs seem to think that building muscle is all about high calorie intake (especially heavy weight lifters who require a lot of calorie intake to sustain their growth), too much of the wrong kinds of calories will not permit lean muscle growth and will also accumulate too much fat.

For this reason, it is critical to balance heavier proteins and fats with whole grains and lots of raw fruits and vegetables.

The six essential food groupings in the Warrior 20 Checklist PDF include;

  • Proteins

  • Legumes

  • Good fats

  • Fruits & veggies

  • Drinks

  • Starches and whole grains

These are all food groups designed to keep calorie intake lean while cutting out bad sugars and fats.

Within the protein grouping on the Warrior 20 checklist, whole eggs, game, poultry, lean meats, fatty fish, and fermented soy are all included because of their exceptional ability to provide the building processes in the body with the necessary amino acids required for efficient protein synthesis and muscle growth.

All of these protein sources are lean and healthy, and they are designed to supply protein to the body while also stimulating increased metabolic rates for constantly burning fat.

In the LEGUMES category are beans and lentils; both of these food types help to supply fiber, protein, zinc, B vitamins, iron, potassium, and magnesium.

Legumes also serve to create a great medium in the gut for healthy bacteria to thrive in to help promote optimal digestive and metabolic wellness.

The next category on the Warrior 20 checklist is the GOOD FATS category, and this includes nuts and their respective butters, health-enriching seeds (hemp, chia, flax, etc.), and olive oil.

The human body requires healthy fats for the synthesis of many vital tissues, and given that the brain is mostly fat it makes sense that our bodies need healthy fats to maintain all of our critical organs.

In the FRUITS AND VEGGIES category of the PDF checklist, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, avocados, citrus, and berries are emphasized for their vitamin and mineral contributions to diet as well as critical fiber and plant fat/sugar intake.

For drinks, water and green tea are recommended for their obvious hydration benefits, but also for the antioxidant and other various health benefits offered by green tea.

Within the STARCHES AND WHOLE GRAIN category, yams, quinoa (along with other protein rich grains), and amaranth are recommended to supplement the body with the optimal carbohydrate energy required for high level fitness training.

Download the Exceptional Champions Sports Performance PDF Checklist

For gaining access to the extremely helpful, practical, and educational Warrior 20 Checklist PDF, visit this page; to see what all the buzz is about.

Anyone who is interested in building lean muscle while staying slim can benefit tremendously by simply heading over to Champions Sports Performance to check out this great nutritional profile and letting us help you put your fitness goals in action. While your at it, get a FREE One-Week Training Pass!

Warrior Cardio by Martin Rooney

Martin Rooney’s Warrior Cardio book has become a fantastic template for fitness enthusiasts of all skill and experience levels who want to take their nutritional efforts to the next level.

Anyone with even a small amount of experience with true fitness and nutritional practices knows that nutrition is often one of the biggest keys to effective lean muscle growth and toning, next to sleep and proper training methods.

Through the Warrior 20 checklist and Martin Rooney’s Warrior Cardio strategies, fitness training hobbyists and professionals can revolutionize their nutritional and training programs.

Elite Fitness & Nutritional Advice

For access to helpful fitness and nutritional information, Champions Sports Performance is a great source for all things fitness, nutrition, training, and athletics.

Any athletes, adults, kids and fitness buffs are recommended to head over to Champions Sports Performance to learn about crucial training tips and secrets which often cannot be found anywhere else.

Let us put your fitness goals in to action, so you can see real results!

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