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Courtney Meadows Testimonial

Testimonial Transcribed “Hey, I’m Courtney Meadows. I’m sixteen years old. I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina. I play basketball. I play the point guard position. I started coming here about a year ago, a little bit over a year ago I was struggling with my speed. I wanted to increase my speed, my strength, my vertical, so that I could jump higher. So when I started coming here I was with a group session with the Three C’s Strength class, and it was good. To read the rest of the testimonial, please share on your social media network we would appreciate it… We worked on our strength and our speed but I really wanted to focus on my individual weaknesses and what I wanted to get better at specifically. So I started working with an individual trainer, Scott Green. He was great. He really worked on my weaknesses and everything I needed to get better at personally. So we did a lot of things here that helped me. He would tweak different drills that would specifically help me for basketball. That really helped me because the focus was on me, so I have to be able to push through things and work directly on me. And I started to see growth, which is good. Another great thing about coming to Champions and working with Scott is I’m challenged every time. I have to be able to think on the go mentally and be able to mentally engage the whole time. There’s no time to slack off. Like, Scott has a lot of expectations for me, which are great because I’m expected to meet them every time. You know, he’s basically like another parent to me. He’s always on me, which helps me grow and become better. I love the atmosphere at Champions. It’s just different than other gyms. When you walk in here it’s focused, high energy. You’re just ready to come in here and work. And it’s a lot of different level athletes working around you, which is great. So these different level athletes, you’re allowed to be encouraged and work toward your goal. And you’re always able to learn something new when you’re here. If you don’t understand something fully or you’re struggling with something, someone can always come over and help you. It’s just a great environment. Chris Meadows: Hi, I’m Chris Meadows, Courtney Meadows’ father, and we’ve been coming to Champions for about a year and a half, and I knew before we came here that — I spend a lot of time with her working with her on the court, and she definitely needed another voice and another program to help her athleticism from a physicality standpoint. And upon coming to Champions — you know, I heard a lot about it, but once we came I knew instantly that I had to make an investment as a father because I saw the things that they were doing here, and also the environment was one I feel like elite level athletes need to have a place that’s sort of like a sanctuary they can go where they know they’re going to be able to focus and have people there who can help them, who can understand their needs as an athlete, and really help them get to the next level. After being here we were able to communicate with Scott and Greg here at Champions and they actually asked about what her goals were and they tailored a program around being a basketball player, and coming to Champions has really helped her mentally as an athlete. She feels a lot more confident. You can see it on the floor, or even just when she’s playing, or when she’s in the gym working out people always comment to ask “What is she doing?” You can see it as well as physically visible to the eye, just a transformation. I was able to look at a picture from her freshman year, and then one looking at her now. It’s like a different person, physically. As a result of just the hard work that she puts in here, which I think is key because you can have the skill, but if you’re not physically an elite level athlete — you know, you’ve got to be balanced. But as a result of that and reopening her recruitment, you know, she has an interest from ACC Schools, Big Ten schools, Pack Twelve schools, SCC, the West Coast Conference schools. Courtney Meadows: Going into my junior year of high school, I’m getting looks from Georgetown, Virginia Tech, Florida, UNC, Florida State, Oregon, VCU, Seton Hall, and Xavier.”

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