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Hello from Champions! If you have been to the building at all, you know it is an inspiring place to be. Kids get faster and gain confidence in our Parisi Speed School, and parents

lose fat, get strong, and feel great in our Training for Warriors program. Our Coaches are second to none. So in short, we’ve got the training thing down…Everyone improves here, period. What you may not be aware of, is that we have a philosophy as to how to eat as well. What you put in your body is by far the most important input to your overall health and fitness, so allow me to outline our philosophy in this area.

The bottom line, as our students hear me say regularly, is that we all need to “Eat More Plants and Less Animals”. That is not all we need to do, but if you can move in that direction, change gradually, your short term and long term health outlooks have a chance to improve dramatically. Everyone on Earth, especially Americans, want to look and feel better, but not enough of us understand that the typical American diet is holding us back from our goals.

The tide is turning however, and many people are now aware of the plain facts staring us in the face everyday: We eat ourselves to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. The great news is that we can eat our way out or back from these chronic diseases as well. It is science…Like it or not gang, humans are herbivores, yet we ingest massive daily quantities of animal products we were not designed to digest. A Lion is a carnivore, and thus has a completely different digestive tract than we humans do. It is as simple as that.

Eating animals we were not designed to digest causes inflammation at the cellular level in our bodies. We can’t see it or feel it, but the damage is cumulative over the long term and leads inevitably to the above chronic diseases. A really easy example is to look at what has happened in China over the last twenty years. As China developed economically and became more affluent, they started to eat much more meat (a more “American” diet), and guess what happened…cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity rates skyrocketed!

We are committed to providing our students and the broader LKN Community with our insights into how to eat. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and on our blog as well to learn and hopefully be enlightened. You don’t have to make any sudden changes to your lifestyle, but you need to seek information and inform yourself, then “move in the direction” of a whole foods, plant based lifestyle. More to come!

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