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Brandon William's Testimony

“Hey my name is Brandon Williams, I am from Chicago Illinois. I graduated from the University of Oregon and I currently play tight end for the Seattle Seahawks.

I started coming to Champions last January, it all started when I broke my foot in December last year, I was playing for the Miami Dolphins, broke my foot and then at the end of the season it was time to do rehab and I had a choice whether to stay in Miami to do my rehab or come back to Charlotte, and I still have a place here so I chose to come to Charlotte.

The training staff in Miami they actually recommended a few places and Champions happen to be one of them. So at first I was a little unsure but I decided to check it out because of all the great things I have heard about Champions and Margie, and so once I got here, we put together a great plan for rehab and then training afterwards and so since then I’ve never looked back.

Margie and Champions really, really, really helped me, not just from a physical standpoint but mentally get back, Margie really stayed on top of me and she motivated me mentally and really encouraged me and made me feel a confidence in myself that I never had before.

The thing I really like about Margie as well is too, she’s very compassionate, she doesn’t just care about just doing her job, but she actually cares about your well-being and seeing you happy and you getting to the point where you want to be at.

And the great thing about her as well is that she can actually see it, like Margie I felt like she could see things before I could see it and that was a great inspiration for me and it made me work harder.

One of the benefits of doing my rehab here with Margie and Champions was having a smooth transition from my rehab to my training, it was a great opportunity because Margie worked hand-in-hand with one of the veteran performance coaches Mike Clark and Mike being a former athlete it was great to work with him because he really pushed me and he knew what it takes to get back to where I needed to be and to make myself better.

It was a great environment here because there was a lot of other athletes working toward the same goal and so not only was I here training but I was competing against them and we would push each other and make each other better, so it was a great environment and a great atmosphere and we got a lot of good work this summer.

I want to say thank you to the Champions’ staff, everybody has been a great help to me Margie Vermillion did a tremendous job with my rehab, Mike Clark did a great job with my training as well as being a good friend, Greg O’Connor the owner for giving me the opportunity to come train in his gym, and John Jakubik, Scott Green and Pat Gray for helping me when I needed them to do little things, I truly appreciate it and it has gone a long way and I truly appreciate the opportunity to be here thank you.”

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