Is your program giving you what you need?

Each year since opening Champions Sports Performance in the Mooresville NC area, I wait for one particular highly credible annual study to come out on what is happening in fitness around the world. This annual anticipation is what caused me to create the 2016 fitness checklist!

This year’s ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends leaves me feeling very good about what we do here at Champions in our Parisi Speed School and Training for Warriors programs.

The study is widely respected, and goes to great levels to differentiate between fads and trends. Trends are lasting protocols that tend to stay in the survey’s Top Twenty for multiple years.

Sadly, absent from this year’s Top Twenty, is “Specialized Exercise Programs for Children”, coming in at #24. We of course, run the nation’s top youth fitness training program and train hundreds of kids a month, but outside of the Parisi Network, the fitness industry is making little effort to solve the staggering epidemics of obesity and diabetes that are affecting tens of millions of American kids today.

We fight the fight every day, but society is always pressing against us!

First I will comment on each of the survey’s top 5 trends. We will then take a journey through a Fitness Checklist to evaluate how our fitness training programs stand in their ability to deliver what is really needed by Americans of all ages today.

As I was studying this, I found that each Top 5 Trend could easily relate to both kids and adults. As the only true Family Training Center in Lake Norman and Charlotte, we believe this fact supports the Champions model even more. Parents and kids all training together!

#1 Wearable Technology

After slowly moving up the rankings, Wearable Technology jumped to the top spot this year.

There was no bigger skeptic than me on this early, but I was not focused on the right issue.

I actually shot a video of myself running sprints in the snow Thanksgiving 2014, then dissing “counting steps” as a weak way to avoid intensity. But then I started to research further, and I realized I had missed the point. Having a constant reminder on your wrist of “how little” you actually move during the day is big motivation to get out of your chair and do something.

The key is to combine documented movement (A goal of say 10,000 steps a day) with Training each day.

Our students who combine Training for Warriors sessions with steps-per-day goals really feel and look great. The point is, our lifestyles generally “chain us to our chairs” and we need to fight for balance. Fitness Wearable Technology is daily motivation on your wrist!

Checklist – YES! While we don’t wear these on our wrists, All of our students track their progress on Warrior Tracker for our TFW members and The Parisi App for all our Speed School members.

#2 Body Weight Training

Only in the survey since 2013, Body Weig