Personal Trainer

As a lifelong action, activity, and competition seeker I have always been looking for new ways to keep my life exciting, interesting, and spontaneous. So at 52, I retired from my corporate life, and got NASM certified to get into training and empower others. After training at Champions for years alongside my now 13yr old son Jason, I knew that Champions was the place to spread my passion for life and fitness.


After graduating from Ohio University, marrying my high school sweetheart, and having some incredible early years in Chicago, we moved to Lake Norman to start a family. 20 years later, our love for this area is as strong as ever. 


I am never in a bad mood, I wake up everyday excited with the life I have.  I check to see if my wife is still there and if I still have my hair, and if both those check out, then I know it’s going to be another great day.  I believe we have a short time here on earth, and I want to help others position themselves to enjoy every minute of it! Peace

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