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Young Athlete demonstrating proper running form


Audience:    Ages 7-11

Focus:          Sets an early athletic foundation

Jump Start is a must for any young person who wants to develop foundational athletic skills that will help them rise above their competition.

Learn more about our Jump Start Program Here


Audience:  Ages 12-14

Focus:        Signature programming that provides maximum, foundational improvement to support athletic performance

This program builds on an athlete’s physical foundation and refines their skills in order for them to maximize their strength, aerobic and/or sport specific training. Athlete’s will also learn the skills and conditioning necessary to help prevent injuries through various warm-ups, exercises and techniques.

Learn more about our Total Performance Program Here

Group of 4 young athletes performing squats on track


Audience:  Ages 15-22

Focus:        Training focused on unlocking an athlete’s full potential

This program refines athletes’ skills to maximize strength, aerobic capacity and sport performance. Athletes in this program will elevate their game to the next level under the expert guidance of Certified Parisi Performance Coaches.

Learn more about our Elite Program Here

Athlete performing change of direction drill


Audience:  Ages 4-6

Focus:        Motor skill development, problem solving, athletic movement, self-esteem building

This program teaches fundamental athletic movements as well as develops critical motor skills and problem solving skills while building self-esteem and confidence.

Learn more about our Little Champions Program Here

Young athletes during training session

This evaluation provides scores on your speed, strength, & agility

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