Juice Plus+



We at Champions believe in, and promote the power of plants.  Knowing what to eat can become confusing in a world of fad diets… studies show however, that the ONE thing all studies on nutrition have in common is that “THE MORE PLANTS YOU GET IN YOUR DIET THE HEALTHIER YOU WILL BE”.

Plants include fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, beans (legumes). We all know this to be true but it’s easier said than done.  One solution is to add Juice Plus+ to your family’s diet. 


Juice Plus+ is  the next best thing to fruits and vegetables. It is not a vitamin it is actual food, (think astronaut food). It can be thought of as “gap insurance” for less than perfect diets and food supplies, and provides variety not usually achievable by diet alone. 

Why Do We Recommend It?

-Simplicity:  It’s just food in a concentrated form (which is why it has a food label vs. supplement label)

-Convenience: Comes as a capsule or chewable

-Effectiveness: Bio-available and backed by over 30 clinical research studies conducted at leading universities. In fact, Juice Plus+ is the MOST studied nutrition product on the market.


1.Food concentrates - capsules or chewables (red, purple, green)

2. Complete Shakes and Bars 

3. Omega blend - (orange)  Skip the fish and go directly to the plant 

4. Tower gardens - Nothing is more local than growing in your own yard

Ask us for more information and to see what products might be right for you and your family! 

You can go to http://p-o.juiceplus.com or you can call Pam at 901 570-0806.

Healthy Start For Families

Did you know that Juice Plus+ has an ongoing children’s health study called the Healthy Starts for Families? This program provides a wealth of resources for a holistic approach.  It will also help families focus on the four pillars of wellness: fitness, nutrition, hydration, and sleep. Healthy Starts also includes a family healthy study. As a bonus, qualifying customers will receive free capsules or chewables for your child (with an adult purchase) for up to four years for participation in the study.  

Omega One

Skip the fish and go straight for the algae.  You won’t miss the fishy taste!

This is the newest addition to the JP line of products. 

A symphony of Ingredients: Unlike most omega products, which use just one kind of omega, Juice Plus+ uses a blend of omega 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9. These omegas work together to bring about the best benefits.


100% Vegan and Sustainably Sourced:  The Omega Blend is made from plant-based   ingredients like algae and seed oils. The algae is sustainably farmed, with no contaminants. 

A Cold-Sealed Capsule: Heat degrades oils, so it’s surprising that most capsules are heated to seal them,  The Juice Plus+ capsule is a 2-piece tapioca shell that is cold-sealed to preserve the

Juice Plus+ is backed by over 30 clinical research studies conducted at leading universities. Findings show that JP+:


  • Contributes to cardiovascular wellness

  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response

  • Supports quality of life in ovarian cancer survivors

  • Reduced insulin resistance in overweight boys

  • Supports lung health in smokers

  • Supports healthy skin and gums

  • Supports immune health

  • Helps protect DNA

  • Reduces oxidative stress

  • Absorbed by the body 


See website for additional information on published studies.