Director of Personal Training



With over 10 years as a Fitness and Sport Performance Professional I am devoted to helping others achieve the height of their physical ability. My process of losing over 80lbs revealed the invaluable role health and fitness can play in improving daily life. My life's work is to institute, promote and teach the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and empower you through achieving your fitness goals. Originally from Chicago, I've been fortunate to continue pursuit of this passion in Charlotte NC, since 2016.

Personal and Small Group Training is goal oriented for clients of all ages and abilities. Together we work on safe and effective exercises to bolster vitality and restoration. Sports Performance training collaborates with sport specific coaching staff, supporting family members and health care providers, to coach all levels of athletes toward peak potential while reducing risk of injury in their chosen sport both on land in water during competitive and non-competitive seasons. Corrective Exercise evaluates basic postural movement and fitness assessments to inform training strategies that address post rehab training needs, decrease pain and develop resiliency. Vigorous fun Group Fitness and Cycling classes increase endurance, build real world strength and mindfulness. Acknowledgement of your response to stress imposed through training and necessary regenerative practices is a critical component of across all fitness programming.


Additionally, Nutrition Coaching helps clients manage appropriate energy balance and metabolic efficiency for optimal fitness, sports performance, recovery, and body composition.


Education and Certifications: B.A, Anthropology, NASM Certified Personal trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, Surge Strength Dryland Certified Coach, Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, Mad Dogg Spin Instructor.