Family Fitness &

Performance Center

Family Fitness &

Performance Center

In its 10th Year, Champions Sports Performance continues to be an inspirational training center for both athletes and adults. It's programs are nationally and globally renowned for the results they produce and the community they build.


The Parisi Speed School is the top youth athletic training system in the country

Lose Fat - Get Strong - Feel Great Again! The ultimate adult training program

Charlotte's Premier Sports Focused Physical Therapy Program

Everyone Needs an Edge - Connect Mind and Body for Ultimate Performance

Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Empowerment through the Discipline of Martial Arts

Mental Edge Fitness

Jiu Jitsu & Judo

Look to Champions for improved performance in the following areas:

Speed - Strength - Confidence - Agility - Explosiveness - Power - Weight loss - Body Composition - Cardio - Endurance - Mobility - Mental Toughness. 


Sports enhanced through our Parisi Speed School:

Football - Baseball - Softball - Basketball - Soccer - Lacrosse - Track - Volleyball - Swimming