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  • I stepped into Champions for the first time topping out at 385 lbs. Granted, I’ve always been big, even when I was in the Army, I could never drop below 195. 385 though, that’s not just big, it’s sick, and I was sick. I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything in public. I was in and out of the doctor’s office with back pain, knee pain, and digestion issues, not to mention high blood pressure and a couple of heart related scares. All of this affected my work too, and it was my boss, Greg Gonzalez, who first suggested that getting some exercise would help. He was the one that introduced me to Champions in the first place. At 385, I hadn’t seen my feet in years, and it was a chore just to tie my shoes. Today though, thanks to the Training For Warriors program, and the Champion’s team that follows TFW and teaches it so well, I’m at just over 300lbs and I haven’t had one of those doctor’s office visits since I went in to get cleared to start working out. In the gym,  I may not be the fastest, but I get into the TFW classes, and I do sprints, pushups, lunges and a host of other things I would never have dreamed of a year ago. I deadlift over 400lbs, I squat over 300lbs, and I bench press over 250lbs. At 300lbs, I know I still have work to do. I also know that mine isn’t the story of a miraculous turn around like you might see on a television show, but it is the story of a regular guy who has taken a second chance at life. I say taken because I don’t feel like anything was “given” to me. It’s been hard, and there have been times that I fell back into old habits, but a fundamental teaching of TFW is consistency, and that is what makes the difference. I don’t have to kill myself with dangerous exercises *every day*. I just have to keep working the program consistently for the long haul. That is what has changed my life, and that is what will keep me reaching my next goal time after time.  I’m thankful every day for Greg Gonzalez, Martin Rooney, Greg O’Connor, Jeremy Martin, Nathan Miller and everyone at Champions including the trainers and other employees, and all the other members who shout encouragement at every turn. Had these people not become a part of my life, I would still be a walking corpse right now, and I look forward to the amazing things that are still to come from all of them, as well as from myself.

    Jason Hall

  • Last August I signed up to TFW to get ready for a “mud run”. I said I will only need to train until the 1st of November. I will quit after that. While I was a long distance runner, this was completely different and challenging. it was not easy at 1st, frankly it’s still not easy but it’s fun. I am competitive so everyone passing me on a sprint by a  country mile when we were only running 40 yards wasn’t easy to swallow. I could have just quit. But I wanted to come back the next day, the next week to see if maybe I could run a little faster next time, maybe lift a little more. I made friends, friends who would notice I wasn’t there if I slept in, so even on the tired days I was motivated to show up and they helped me when I struggled.  I wasn’t embarrassed anymore when it was tough, I was empowered.  If I belonged to a gym to just work out by myself, I would have found an excuse not to show up and even if I had, I never would have pushed myself as hard.  I use to call gym memberships “charitable donations”.   I love how every one at TFW makes sure to say “hi” or “good job” if you are new,  because we remember how much strength and courage it took to show up those 1st few weeks and struggle.  Weeks turned to months and months turned to a year. My life, my energy level, my confidence,  my fitness level and my body have never been better.   (oh and I am a Mother of 3, and my kids were in the play room and my son came out during a work out and yelled “Addie’s hurt”, I yelled back “Is she alive?” and I ran the next sprint…that’s how important this is to me!) Go Warriors. My husband and oldest son have joined. I can’t wait for them to ‘go into the roar’, and watch them change!!

    Michelle Cyr

  • As a parent you always want the best for your kids, an choosing Champions was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since becoming a Champions member my son has significantly improved his athleticism. More importantly, Greg and the champions team have been an extremely positive influence on my son. I would not hesitate to recommend champions to anyone. Truly a great experience!

    Denise Celestine – Mom

  • Coming to Champions has become part of my daily routine. I am there at least five days a week working hard on strength and speed. When working out at Champions I do not feel judged. The trainers work with you making sure you have correct form and do no hurt yourself. I really enjoy coming to Champions and seeing the improvement in myself.

    Anthony Fabian Age 13

  • Champions Sports Performance has really been a blessing to our family. The kids have gotten fit- yes – that’s a huge part- but they have also gotten more confident and well rounded. The work rate that they have learned at Champions has also translated into school work, and how they interact with coaches and teachers. The best part of Champions has to be the staff and instructors- they take time to talk to the kids, get to know their names, their interests and personalities. They know who needs what form of encouragement or instruction to become the best they can be. I know my kids look up to ALL of the instructors at Champions, and Mike, Manny and Josh have been additions to the staff this year. When my daughter tried track for the first time, all of the instructors were pulling for herm but Manny especially followed her progress. She definitely gives an example of a strong athletic women for my daughter to look up to. We met Mike on some of his first days of training to be a part of the staff. He always has a smile and is ready to encourage kids to work hard and improve. My kids have always been active in sports, but “active” doesn’t always equal “fit”. Because of all their hard work, as well as the encouragement from the great staff at Champions, I know they are ready to take on school, sports and anything else that comes their way. Champions has given them confidence an character that will help in all aspects of their lives.

    A. Watson – Mom

  • I love Champions. After watching my sister work out here for awhile, I asked if I could start too. At first it was a little intimidating- I was nervous it would be too hard, but it wasn’t! Taking classes with other kids and the great instructors really make you feel like it is more fun than anything. I am so glad I started, and feel like I am stronger and faster than ever. All of the instructors are great, and I know they are there to help me work as hard as I can. My favorite part of Champions is strength. Even though it is hard for me sometimes, the results are great.

    Thomas Watson, Age 11

  • I had been coming to champions off and on for several years when I got my second concussion from playing soccer. When it looked like I had to take some time off from soccer, I decided I would come to champions more regularly when the doctor cleared me for exercise. The workouts at champions prepared me for a successful middle school track season- I got stronger and faster and just more fit. I was able to place second in my conference for the 400, and help our 100 relay place first in our county. This summer I decided to really put in the work. I came every day to champions and feel the most prepared for my upcoming soccer season. My Favorite part of champions is the weight/ strength classes. All of the instructors have helped me with my form and have encouraged me to push myself to work harder and be stronger.

    Hannah Watson, Age 14

  • I like the strength classes as they help me get stronger.  It helps me in football and baseball.

    Top Speed really improved my speed and I love the relay races we do at the end of some of the classes.

    The coaches are nice and they encourage you to do your best.

    Ben, Age 9

  • I like that class is fun!

    It makes me faster for playing soccer.

    I thought it would be scary when I first started, but the coaches are so nice and like to have fun.

    Rachel, Age 7

  • We started at Champions Sports Performance a couple of years ago with our two oldest children as I had experienced a similar speed/agility program as a teenager.  My husband and I were both student-athletes at Clemson University and I felt that this type of program benefitted me and would benefit them.  Our experience has been more than we could have asked for.  Not only have they become faster and more agile, their confidence on the field has increased exponentially.  It only took a few months of watching these results that Scott and I joined the TFW program and, again, our expectations have been surpassed.  This isn’t the “gym”, this is a lifestyle similar to what we experienced as student-athletes.  We have and will continue to add to our friendship circles with the trainers, owners, founders, and workout partners that we experience at Champions.  At the same time, setting an example for our children that you’re never too old to train like an athlete.

    Sheri Hauser

  • We are a Champions Sports Performance family. My son started first in the Parisi Speed School and his soccer coach noticed improvements in him right away. My wife started shortly after my son in the Training For Warriors adult program and lost weight. Six or so months after my wife joined, I finally decided to try out the Training For Warriors program. Now, after a few months, my daughter has gone as well. Champions Sports Performance is a good fit for our family because of the variety of training they provide. They deliver instruction for all fitness levels. They guided me as a beginner through all of the techniques for a safe work out. What Champions Sports Performance provided for us is a complete fitness approach with stretching, exercising, and nutritional tips. The TFW program is a great balance of repetition and variety: a consistent message with a number of different drills. The TFW program is convenient. There are multiple classes each day, which helps us find times that work with our schedules. The training approach is consistent no matter which one of the trainers is conducting the class. Speaking of the trainers; each one is caring and aware. They help each member in whatever areas a member needs help and can adjust a workout plan to avoid problems. We even had my son’s trainer come to one of his soccer games, which meant a lot to him. We love the class atmosphere that provides opportunities for inspiration and motivation, not only from the instructor, but from the fellow members. The members and instructors we see every day are like family, which is one of the core tenants of Champions Sports Performance – La Familia! The things we say at Champions Sports Performance like “Into The Roar” and “La Familia” and “Every Rep Is A Masterpiece” are not just slogans – they are reminders of why we’re doing what we do and helps us put what we learn into practice in all areas of our lives. And the family extends outside of the gym with charity events and classes on nutrition and many other activities. In the time that I’ve been training in the TFW program, I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, gained confidence, and have become much better educated about what I put into my body. I’m in the best shape of my adult life and am very thankful that I and my family are members at Champions Sports Performance. Joining has proven to be a life changing choice.

    Mike Bosse

  • Our family loves Champions.  I started over a year ago, and my wife and three sons attend classes now as well.  My wife was very hesitant at first, but once she made the choice to try it, she really enjoys it. It is an encouraging, fun atmosphere. It does not matter where you are from a fitness standpoint, there is a place for you here, the instructors treat you as an individual. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and everyone working out here realizes that and becomes a part of you improving your weaknesses and enhancing your strengths.  We even have an easy to use software program that allows you to document your workouts and measure your progress. Every day the instructors give you an inspiring story about different people who overcome adversity or accomplish goals that are seemingly impossible, and these help inspire you to achieve your own personal goals.Speaking of the instructors, they are fantastic.  They are teachers, coaches, and motivators.  A lot of them have Masters Degrees in their field. They do the workouts as well, which is awesome to see. The system has been developed over the years, and you simply have to show up and do the workout- no thinking about what you are going to do that day, etc.  This is fantastic if you are a busy person with enough to think about already.  There are a variety of class times to help with a busy schedule.The most difficult step in any undertaking is often the first step.  A lot of people think about the difficulty of exercise, but that is not the difficult part.  The difficult part is making the decision to give yourself one hour of your day for 4 days a week.  Once you do that, the staff and members at Champions help you do the rest. If you have kids, Champions is a great environment for them.  The instructors all have the gift of being good with kids.  My boys’ confidence went through the roof once they started doing the kids classes, and this helped them with the sports they play, but more importantly with life in general.  Positive messages are a cornerstone here, and that mixed with helping develop their appreciation for a lifetime of fitness is something they will thank me for one day.

    Bryan Foshee

  • I joined Champions in November of 2013 to help get me through the “off season” from triathlon training. I was hoping to maintain fitness at least, but quickly found myself feeling stronger and faster. I tested this out during a half marathon I entered on a whim in early spring only to find not only did I maintain my running fitness, I actually came within a minute of a PR. This was with 1 run per week outside of Champions and no real focus on Half training. I am now using this method to train for a half ironman and Marathon this fall. I feel stronger than ever while running long distances and am faster on the bike and swim than ever!

    Tod Joefreda

  • Training at champions has improved me both mentally and physically. My speed has increased dramatically as well as my strength. I play softball so this has helped me become a better player. I have more strength to pitch faster and harder. Also, I have more speed and much better arm action. Before I started, I would move my arms side to side when I ran. Now I know how to properly move my arms when I run while being fast and accurate at the same time. The warm-ups that we do at Champions have really helped me become more flexible and ready for softball. I have taught my team these stretches and I think it has improved us all. Everyone at champions is so respectful and polite to me while I have been training there. All of the trainers and staff have pushed me past what I think I can do, but don’t push me to the point where I crash and burn. They all understand me and know the limit I push myself to. They know my confidence level in myself. All of them also pay attention to me and all the other athletes. That means they all really care which is really important. It means a lot to me that I know you guys are all there for me. Champions has really changed me and the trainers have a big part in that. Thanks for all that you do! You are truly appreciated!

    Madi Treon, Age 13

  • My goal in becoming a Champions member was to gain weight and improve my speed ad explosiveness. After just 2 months of training, I was able to take 30 seconds off my 40 time. This far exceeded my expectations, and I have also made significant progress towards my other goals. The Champions staff is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to train with!

    Khadime Celestine, Age 17